Vladimir Pustan la Londra

Vă invităm la un weekend de slujire împreună cu Vladimir Pustan!Vineri 19:30-21:30; Duminică 10:00-12:00 și 17:00-19:00

Adresa: Hendon School, Golders Rise, Hendon, NW4 2HP Londra

Întâlnirile din acest weekend de la Biserica Peniel Londra

După ce duminica trecută a avut loc un botez in apa; 

Întâlnirile din acest weekend 26-28 mai unt: Vineri 7:30 pm – Biserica – Va canta Tamara Onufrei Moga

Sambata 7 pm – Tineret

Duminica 8 am – Biserica – Ne viziteaza Pastorul Andrew Prakasam din Seattle Washigton

      The Indian Pentecostal Assemblies is a church planting organization with a dynamic vision for bringing God’s word to a desperate world. The origin of the Indian Pentecostal Assemblies dates back to 1976 when Rev. Dr. Job Gnanaprakasam along his wife Ruth and their eldest son Rev. David Prakasam received a vision to plant a local Church. Prior to this, they had served under many organizations but after a strong confirmation from the Lord they stepped out to pioneer a work of their own. Job Gnanaprakasam accepted Christ through the ministry of a British missionary couple. Lawerence and Margret Livesy’s. The Livesey’s were preaching the gospel in Job’s own mother tongue when he stopped to listen to them. Job was healed from asthma when he came to the Lord. Rev. Job with his eldest son Rev. David planted a Church in an underground hall in the year 1976. The Indian Pentecostal Assemblies came into existence as a handful of people began to meet in a rented underground hall. The little church was then moved to Job’s garage after a couple of years. The church which began with just a couple of families grew to over 200 people within a few years. There was evidence of God’s work amongst them. The Church began to reach out to its surroundings through Open Air crusades, Street Preaching and Village Ministries. When people began to see the work that God was doing in their midst, they knew that God could do the same things everywhere. God began to initiate a desire to plant local Churches and thus the Indian Pentecostal Assemblies began to multiply itself all over India. With the vision to reach the city for Jesus both Rev. Job and Rev. David built a 1200 seater auditorium in the city. In the year 1991 Rev. David and his wife Ketzia became the senior pastors of the church. Today there are over 4000 believers who come together on weekends to worship God. Now Rev. David has assumed full responsibility of being the president of both BFT and IPA. Job’s other two sons Rev. Peter and Rev. Andrew are also in the ministry serving God. Rev. Peter has planted and pioneered a church in the suburbs of the city of Coimbatore. The church is growing and multiplying under his leadership. Rev. Peter who is the secetrary of Indian Pentecostal Assemblies also is in charge of many social projects and churches in the south of India. Rev. Andrew Prakasam is the director of Share in Asia, which is based in Seattle. Andrew raises up financial support and is the ambassador of the work of IPA in North America. Rev. David’s two sons Chris and Terry are also serving God in India. Chris is in charge of the Bible College ministry while Terry heads out the media ministry in the church. Both of them also head out the youth department in the local church. Today the strength of IPA rests on the leaders trained by our organization. IPA boasts of an international Advisory board and a National board comprising eminent leaders who came out of its own organization. As of today The Indian Pentecostal Assemblies has planted and pioneered 450 churches in the 18 provinces of India among the 15 language groups and with 42 different social projects established for the benefit of the poor and needy. The ministry of The Indian Pentecostal Assemblies which began as a small mustard seed in the year 1976 with 50 people in a basement floor has since grown and made its presence felt both in Southern India and many parts of North India. Gnanaprakasam who is revered as one of the founding fathers for Pentecostalism in South India not only played a major role in establishing the Indian Pentecostal Assemblies but he also established other well known church movements in the south of India.

Duminica 6 pm – Evanghelizare va cânta Teo Palincas

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